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Youth, Adults, Couples & Family Counselling

Individual Counselling for Adults

Individual counselling for adults can assist you in coping with the ups and downs of everyday life, and with the stresses that can cause anxiety, depression and conflict. Counselling can help you to heal from the negative things that have happened such as, losses, separation, divorce, family conflict, violence or abuse.

Counselling for Teens/Youths

Some people get a little “weirded “out when they hear the word “counselling.” That’s okay. Basically, counselling is about talking to someone who knows a lot about many different issues that teens and youth face. 

We think of counselling as a conversation with someone who you can trust, who won’t judge you, and who wants to help. Often youth come for counselling because they are having problems with their parents or other family members. Sometimes they come because something “bad” has happened to them or they feel sad, lonely, anxious or confused. 

Counselling can help with a variety of problems like bullying, not getting along with others or just feeling different. Asking for help is a healthy thing to do and often takes strength and courage.

Counselling for Children & Families

Nothing can be more heartbreaking for parents than seeing their children struggle with the challenges of growing up and adapting to things like new schools, new communities, separation, divorce or getting along with others. Stress can affect children in different ways and can cause behavioural problems and/or symptoms like anxiety, and depression. 

Counselling can help parents and children in:

  • Gaining relief
  • Feeling calmer
  • Reducing stress
  • Strengthening parent child relationships

Many of our parents and families have found our Group Programs very helpful in better understanding and managing their children’s behaviours.

Couple Counselling

Counselling can help couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties such as poor communication, lack of intimacy, affairs, extended family pressures, or contemplating separation/divorce, to name a few. 

Relationships can be a challenge at the best of times but can become more difficult when a couple’s stresses increase. Our couple counselling is aimed at improving:

  • Relationships
  • Reducing emotional distress
  • Reducing tensions and conflict
  • Enhancing personal well-being