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Meet our leadership team and Board of Directors.


  • Elisha M. Laker, MSW RSW
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mariana Benitez, M. Ed., R.P.
    Director of Clinical Services
  • Susan Warren B.A. R.P.
    Director of Inclusivity and Community Development
  • Michael Prencipe, B.A.
    Director of Operations
  • Adelle Volpone, MSW, RSW
    Manager of Clinical Services
  • Reni Hunter
    Financial Manager
  • Wendy Milwain
    Manager, Data and Compliance
  • Stephanie McKellar
    Executive & Senior Management Assistant
  • Melissa Tawadros, MPsy., R.P.
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Kerry Newman, R.P.
    Clinical Supervisor

Board of Directors 2021-2022

  • Vanessa Aguiar
    Chair / Chair Policy & Planning
  • Priya Khalsa
    Vice Chair / Policy & Planning
  • Eden Hansen
    Past Chair / Policy & Planning
  • Ira Teich
    Treasurer / Finance Committee
  • Pat Harper
    Policy & Planning
  • Ghazaleh Salahi
    Policy & Planning
  • Initha Subramaniam
  • Bonnie Glover
    Member at Large
  • Debbie Kassirer
    Member at Large
  • Karen Wang
    Member at Large
  • John Ellis
    Policy & Planning Volunteer