School Based Services

Youth @ Risk Outreach Program funded by UWYR

School Based Services are aimed at helping Youth become, healthy, strong, caring and responsible. They are aimed at developing Youth Leadership through Mentorship and Mediation training. This program helps youth to take responsibility for their school environment and helps to develop a positive peer culture in schools; it helps to prevent negative peer involvement and behaviours such as bullying and gang involvement. Individual, Group and Family Counselling along with Class room interventions, compliment the mentorship and mediation training and provide a comprehensive school based service intended to develop a social safety net. This program is funded by United Way York Region and also offered on a fee for service basis.

Schools wishing to find out more about this service should contact our Clinical Director, Mariana Benitez at 905-895-2371 ext 229 or 1-888-223-3999 ext. 229