Group Programs for Adults

Mindful Awareness Stress Reduction Training (MAST) Program

MAST is a five week introductory training group where participants focus on learning valuable emotion regulation skills. The initial introductory session is an intake session where members have the opportunity to learn about the group and determine if this is a good fit for them at this time. If so, the following four sessions will involve group instruction and discussion as well as ample opportunities for mindfulness practice. This educational group is designed for adults who want to learn better ways to manage their stress levels and has a psycho educational component.

Mindful awareness is very important in many aspects of our daily lives and it is a skill that can be learned.  Being mindful helps us to remain engaged with the present moment and ‘ride the waves’ of all that comes our way.

MAST group participants learn how mindfulness can help them regulate their emotions and positively influence neutral connections in the brain.

Members can expect to come away from this group with useful information and basic tools to assist them in achieving greater emotional stability.

Men’s Anger Management Program

The Men’s Anger Management group is a twelve week group for men that helps participants respond to their anger in constructive ways. Through the program, participants will develop a greater understanding of their physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses to anger, particularly when in conflict. The program will also assist participants in responding to feelings of anger in more constructive methods through the use of assertive techniques, positive communication skills, validation, empathy, problem-solving and negotiation. As such, participants will learn to recognize anger as energy and learn how to use this energy constructively or de-escalate it, and thus help in taking responsibility for their thoughts and/ or actions; and begin to change attitudes that may possibly be self-destructive and/or destructive to others.

Positive Living Women’s Support Group

This Positive Living Women’s Group is a twelve week anger management group for women that focuses on understanding anger as well as how to deal with anger in more constructive ways. Group members will learn healthier patterns of communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and thus, become more self-affirming and empathetic to others. The objective of the program is to reduce aggressive acts and behaviours towards others and self; help members take responsibility for thoughts and actions; to recognize anger as energy, and how to  use this energy constructively or de-escalate it; and help members respond to feelings of anger and associated emotions in more constructive methods through the use of assertiveness techniques and conflict resolution skills.

South Asian Women’s Support Group

Topics include Parenting, Health & Nutrition, Family Stress, Relationship Issues & Boundaries, Immigration and Legal information, Employment, etc. Program Includes a Yoga and Exercise component. Child care and transit tickets are available.

Ongoing programs in the Markham area in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, and English – please contact Leena at 416-857-6308.

Ongoing programs in the Markham area in Tamil – please contact Juanita at 416-857-6308. Ongoing programs in the Maple area in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, & English – please contact Aisha at 416-818-7075.

Information and Support Groups for Farsi Speaking Women

The Information & Support Group for Farsi speaking Women is a 12 week support group designed to help women learn new methods of parenting children and youth, discuss women’s issues, healthy relationships, immigration and settlement issues, self-care/health and wellness and connecting to community resources. For more information on this program or to register, please contact Shahread at 905-883-6572.

Parenting Programs

Family Services York Region offers a wide variety of parenting programs. Please see our Programs for Parents brochure for more detailed information on these programs.

Registration Process

To register for a group program, simply visit one of our Family Services York Region locations in Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill or Georgina (Click here for numbers &addresses)

If you have any questions, please call our Coordinator of Group Services, Janice Cook at 905-895-2371, ext. 226 or toll free at 1-888-223-3999 or email