Families and Schools Together (F&ST)

The Families and Schools Together Program (F&ST) has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the top evidence based Family Skills Building programs in the world.
(Link to United Nations Web Site)

The goal of the F&ST program is to strengthen family and community relations, and to empower parents to support their children at school, at home and in the community.

About the Program

Families & Schools Together is an innovative and collaborative prevention and parent involvement program in which whole families gather at a school and participate in specific, fun, research-based activities aimed at strengthening families and empowering parents. The program combines and applies several concepts that have been evaluated, statistically tested and found to be effective in promoting child resilience, and preventing school failure, behavioural problems and substance abuse. Families & Schools Together focuses on preschool and elementary school age children and their families.

How does the Program Work?

Schools, parents and community agencies join together to invite families to participate in eight weekly, team-led sessions designed to enhance success in future social integration and participation, academic achievement and healthy life-style decisions. This whole family, multi-family positive approach supports parents to become primary empowerment agents for their child and full partners with the school. This eight-week series is followed by a two year, bi-monthly parent-led follow-up program called FASTWORKS.

Interested schools can apply to participate in this program by contacting our Newmarket office at 905-895-2371.

The Families & Schools Together program is funded by the United Way of York region and  through the Regional Municipality of York.