Online Counselling

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FSYR is pleased to offer our professional counselling services through our On Line Counselling web service

  • Would you prefer to receive counselling without set appointment times?
  • Would you prefer the convenience and anonymity of speaking with a professional counsellor from the privacy of your own home computer?

If this sounds appealing to you consider On Line Counselling. You can register anytime.


Why do People Choose On Line Counselling for their counselling needs?
On Line Counselling (OLC) is a method of counselling that research has shown to be highly effective. It works like traditional counselling except the counsellor and client exchange emails instead of meeting for a face-to-face appointment. Many people prefer OLC because it is more convenient and offers greater anonymity.

Qualified FSYR counsellors have been trained in OLC and can address most of the same issues as face-to-face counselling or telephone counselling including stress, change, interpersonal conflict, parenting and care giving, grief and loss, and balancing work and family.

Because you will be exchanging emails, what you share in your counselling can be worded by you thoughtfully and at your own pace, without having to think off the top of your head or having to type quickly. When you are ready, you send your email and the Counsellor responds in five business days? The emails you send and receive are stored on our secure email service so that you can revisit them and consider your counsellors responses carefully.

Individual OLC sessions are conducted over the internet similar to email. All online sessions are private and secure* through

Why do People Choose On Line Counselling (for their counselling needs)? yes

  • Accessible and convenient
  • Schedule your day with more flexibility
  • Reply when you are ready
  • Eliminate associated costs of transportation, parking, missing work or after school activities and finding childcare
  • Connect even when working “on the road” or on vacation
  • Move your residence and still remain in contact with your counsellor
  • Anonymity provides you the opportunity to disclose more quickly and deeply than in face to face counselling
  • Writing down and phrasing problems, emotions and thoughts is an essential part of the therapeutic process.
  • You have the time to express yourself carefully and at your own pace instead of having to speak off the top of your head.
  • You can access On Line Counselling from any location you have internet access.
  • The user interface is friendly, intuitive, and easy to understand.


Is On Line Counselling Safe and Secure?
You can be assured that your confidential information is secured. Encryption ensures the secure transit and storage of personal information. Your correspondence is protected from being seen by others using their computer. Because the system is web-based, confidential information is not stored on your computer or the counsellor’s computer.

**How is different from Hotmail or Yahoo?

We offer fully encrypted, easy-to-use, Web-based email service.

  • No other service provides END-TO-END security
  • No other service is as EASY-TO-USE
  • No other service transparently exchanges PUBLIC AND PRIVATE KEYS

This service is different from the larger Web-based email providers in one critically important way: We offer complete privacy and security, while Hotmail™ and Yahoo™ do not. Our secure system allows users to communicate between each other with the security of bulletproof 2,048-bit encryption.


How Much does it Cost?
For Youth aged 14 to 18 service is available and the service may be subsidized. Youth will be required to phone in for an Intake Interview to ensure that Online Counselling can meet your needs. Please call 1-888-223-3999 for an Intake interview. Online counselling is not presently available for youth 13 years of age or younger.

For Adults, the cost per hour of the counsellor’s time is $65.00. This is equivalent to one online session.

Sessions are pre-paid by PAY PAL; credit card Payments can be made by calling our office: 905-895-2371 or 1888-223-3999 credit card or PayPal, certified cheque or cash.

FSYR is an accredited counselling agency. Our staff are skilled Masters Level professionals with specialized training in Online Counselling. You can expect top quality online counselling.

Start Online Counselling Now

For Adults over 18 Click here: to register for Online Counselling. You do not have to book an appointment or do an interview. You will be asked a few, short questions through our prescreening process to ensure Online Counselling is right for you.